Keeping busy and finding new hobbies

General / 01 October 2018

I started a new gig about a month ago? Wow, time flies when you enjoy what you're doing. I've been pretty busy and I know you haven't seen many creative updates from me. During this time I've been setting up a technical creative pipeline, learning new things about immersive 3D content, training folks about my learnings, and a bunch of other cool things. I'm really excited about what we're working on. 

I did want to share an example Augmented Reality (AR) portal we worked on:

Nicki Minaj: Queen AR Experience
Open this AR lens in Snapchat here.

Personal Projects, Hobbies, Etc.

I also wanted to spend a minute talking about personal projects and such. As mentioned, I've been putting a lot of energy into my new gig. Previously during my free time over the course of this year, I was working on two 3D game prototypes. I showed them at small demo nights in New York to big conferences around America like GDC and PAX East. It's been kind of a wild year from a game development perspective. Now that my hobby of creating 3D content is now my job. I've been trying to figure out how I should spend my newly found free time. So I've really been thinking about it and decided a couple things I want to do:

  • Put more energy into creating really amazing immersive content. This means work on small projects that  help improve workflow, quality, and style. I also think I need a mentor so I'm going to look for one.
  • Be more consistent with working out to back in shape and bring sexy back. I've been really bad about being consistent, I can do better.
  • Spend more time with old/new friends and have fun. I'm a bit of a workaholic and want to change that. I do think that's just a byproduct of doing anything you love to do though but I miss being around good humans and little furry animals.

So with all that said, I'm going to push pause my previous game development projects for now and work on the above. I think that's everything but I plan to write these updates each month unless there's something time sensitive to push out. Thanks for reading.


Life Changes

General / 24 August 2018

Until today, I've only told a couple of my close friends and colleagues that I'm leaving my role as Entertainment Evangelist and Bizdev at Sketchfab on August 29th. I spent three years there growing their entertainment vertical from a couple indies to a large chunk of the industry. It was challenging but also a lot of fun. I'm going to miss the team.

Going forward

It's time to focus on my career as a Creative Director and Artist. A lot of you may not know that I do 3D art and that I'm also a certified engineer. I haven't really been interested in most engineering roles in the past because of the problems they are solving didn't appeal to me on a intellectual level. I'm more creative in my mindset. That's where technical art plays huge role in my happiness. It merges two things (art and code) that I enjoy most into one lovely thing.

What art tools will you write scripts for?

When it comes to 3D art software, I'll mainly focus on Maya but I will also write scripts for:

  • Cinema4D
  • Blender
  • Unity

What coding software will you use?

I'll be coding in MEL, Python, and Javascript. I'm still figuring out what coding software that will best cover the above software and languages best. I'll update you on this in later posts.