Looking for a padawan, LensFest & live streaming

General / 17 November 2018

I'm a little late to this months blog post but here I am. Things at SVRF are picking up in exciting ways. To the point where I'm looking for an artist to work with me to help create immersive content tailored around memes, pop culture, brands, and even work with artists like Imagine Dragons. We recently helped them launch their new album Origins with an augmented reality experience which I'm really proud of. 

If want to learn more around the role, read the job description here.

Snapchat Lens Fest Conference

It was an honor being invited to my hometown Los Angeles to be a part of Snapchat's first creator conference "LensFest". As one of their top Official Lens Creators (OLC) it was great to share how SVRF works with brands and celebrities like Nicki Minaj to create immersive experiences. Overall it was great meeting their team, other OLC's and enjoy the west coast weather. I also won an award for the most technical project during their hackathon too! They've going to send us a ghostly trophy but during the interim they handed me a pair of their new Spectacles. I actually love them. I have been using to block the harsh sun and taking videos to share online.

Live Streaming on Twitch

I'll start streaming consistently each week in the new year but I've kinda already started sporadically on Sundays. I want to both play games with you all, make music as I've started relearning guitar but also create content too.  My first project will be to start figuring out my style for a slice of life web comic. Something I've always wanted to do.

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